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// Franck Lennon

Nödus offers a full videogame experience

Players, Creators and Editors can all contribute to this new medium

The app stores and protects this ever-changing heritage

The Nödus project in video

Nödus is an app for mobiles and consoles aimed at keen gamers who play regularly and are interested in the wider context of gaming, beyond the mere entertainment factor. A platform between the gamer-creator, the editor and the bodies in charge of heritage conservation, Nödus lets you explore the universe of video games, discover video game culture, enrich the gaming experience and thus play an active part in making it heritage.

Nödus is an application that gives access to content which enhances the gaming experience. This editorialized content allows players to find a great deal of information about their favorite games. It allows the game publisher to have an additional communication channel about its games and thus reach new players. Finally, the app also allows access to official institutions such as the BNF (National Library of France) in order to conserve all this constantly evolving cultural heritage. Basing your final degree project on a passion is never easy, yet Franck has demonstrated he is capable of taking a step back and finding the challenges and opportunities in the field of video games on which to base his project. A platform of this kind does not currently exist. The networking and participatory aspect of the solution together with the editorial work make it possible to create a stronger and more structured media than the very sparse selection available today on social networks. The direct involvement of highly qualified experts has enabled Franck to make the right choices for the coordination of all of the functionalities offered. As the project advanced, he used his skills as a product designer to successfully abandon the subjects which failed to provide an adequate response to his research question and to concentrate on developing the most relevant elements.

Marion Moussu
Design Management and Innovation in apprenticeship program Course Leader


After a 2-year advanced diploma in industrial products, Franck joined L’École de design to do the vocational degree in design professions with apprenticeship, the Product design advanced diploma and the Design and Innovation Management MDes program. He spent two years accompanying innovative startups in the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab at Dassault Systèmes, contributing his expertise in use and creation  in transversal projects. In his design approach, he strives to eliminate the superfluous and focus on the essential: use. He would now like to apply this approach to another design culture, specific to Montreal, to develop his skills even further.

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