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My City.

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// Paul Ramiara

Users can simulate urban changes

Those utopian cities are then stored and shared

The My City. app allows to design and share ideas on our cities

My City. project video

My City. is a serious awareness raising game between the simulation of urban construction and a social network for tomorrow’s cities. The My City. service breaks down institutional barriers of urban planning to introduce a collaborative model. It translates the complexity of how a city is constructed in a light-hearted way, brings together citizens on a single platform for exchange and develops their imaginations to create an open source database and an urban diagnostic tool.

Paul’s starting point was his determination to showcase inhabitants’ knowledge of the region so that their viewpoint, and even their specific expertise, could be used in urban development. The innovation in Paul’s project lies in the fact that he was able to cleverly combine a citizen participation tool with a tool for prospective simulation of urban structures. Indeed, one of the challenges of civic participation is to be able to take into account and measure the impact of collective decisions using simple interactive representation. At a time when simulation is still too often reserved for urban planning experts with a very technical dimension, and when we are all aware of the increasing interest in serious games based on city simulation, Paul made use of this observation to come up with the design of a participation tool which is committed yet fun and which aims to integrate inhabitants more effectively in the design of their city.”

Anaïs Jacquard
Sustainable Cities Course Leader



After a BDes in interior design, Paul then joined the Mutations of the Built Environment MDes program at L’École de design. His particular interest in the life sciences and human sciences led him to think about the connection between the city and the human body, in a dissertation on urban therapy as a process of reconsideration of the city. He then carried out his final internship as a project leader in urban planning at Desurb in Bordeaux. Today, his ambition is to implement his knowledge in consultancy in to work on design-led innovation strategies in France or abroad. His motto: Use therapist and innovation prospector.

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