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// Théo Richard

Mirage is a keyboard made for virtual reality

Sensors are placed on each hand

Entering data in a more intuitive way

Arnaud Le Roi shares with us his educational views on Théo Richard’s project

Mirage provides a solution to the lack of keyboards tailored to virtual reality. Thanks to a keyboard guided by sensors placed on your hands and voice-activated input, the user can interact with a virtual environment to enter information more intuitively and comfortably in a professional context. Besides data collection, Mirage also improves interactions and ergonomics in prolonged use which can be useful in many virtual reality projects.

What Théo Richard, a double degree student at L’École de design and Arts et Métiers ParisTech (Laval), has done here is to define the future framework for our interactions in immersive data entry. Mirage is based on an analysis of the development of tools for data and order entry (writing, keyboard, voice recognition) then on the development and experimentation of numerous functional prototypes making it possible to interact in virtual reality. The user tests and questionnaires developed allowed him to assess handling constraints and to redefine needs. The Mirage concept introduces the basic notions of a new gestural grammar. The demonstrator revisits NUI (natural user interfaces) for “immersed mankind". Navigation is fluid, streamlined and assisted Théo’s project has had considerable media coverage, proof that the question of interaction in virtual environments is one of the key issues in the age of increased accessibility to immersive technologies.

Arnaud Le Roi
Digital culture Course Leader


After a BDes in Interaction Design, Théo continued his studies with the Immersive UX Design MDes program while simultaneously completing the Master’s in Virtual Engineering and Innovation at Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Laval. He is a great admirer of Don Norman who is considered to be the father of user experience and who made him realize what is central to design. His thesis entitled “Immersion and user experience” enabled him to better define these notions and to measure the impact of one on the other. He did his final internship at FITCH, a retail agency in London where he had the opportunity to design experiences in augmented and virtual reality. He would like to begin his professional career in this domain.

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