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// Agathe Marcellin

The users can select on the terminal which artist they want to discover

Jukebox shows an hologram view of the selected artist and his background

The interactive installation allows to explore the media libraries data

Video presentation of the Jukebox project:

Jukebox is an installation for interactive musical exploration. It lets you discover an artist’s universe thanks to a chronological exploration of all the data available in a multimedia library. Consisting of a terminal and tulle panels, the user discovers content in hologram form on the artist of their choice: life, career and concerts. With Jukebox, multimedia libraries acquire a new public less well-versed in music through this visual and sensory experience.

Agathe Marcellin’s Jukebox aims to create a tangible link with musical data archives in multimedia libraries. A real music lover, Agathe surrounded herself with a network of experts made up of specialized journalists and columnists, producers and composers, record store owners and librarians. This field study helped her understand developments in dematerializing traditional music media (vinyl, CDs, cassettes) in favor of digital technology (MP3, streaming). Jukebox lets you explore this digitalized musical heritage through an interactive installation. The mediator can program several theme-based and chronological musical journeys. The user discovers, analyzes and compares the data on musical styles, the artists’ backgrounds and their similarities. Agathe adopted a project methodology based on experimentation. This approach allowed her to validate the projection system’s technical feasibility. Furthermore, she strengthened the cohesion between the aesthetic object and the modes of interaction and representation of its interfaces. Jukebox revisits the design of spaces and livens up the interrelations between users and professionals based on a shared musical user experience.

Arnaud Le Roi
Course leader for Digital culture



Her BDes in Interior Design inspired Agathe to create futuristic and innovative spaces to satisfy her taste for science fiction. This is how she ended up enrolling on the Tangible UX Design MDes program where she learnt to develop connected and experiential spaces. Agathe’s wish to work in retail was confirmed by her internships carried out in the Neil Wilson Design agency in England and at L’Oréal for the Roger&Gallet brand in Paris. Highly motivated, she is currently looking for a position in the retail sector creating experiential spaces. Work by designers such as Ralph McQuarrie who designed the Star Wars sets are a true source of inspiration in her projects.

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