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Jardin d’hiver

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// Léo Taiariol

© Jean-Charles Queffélec

Occupy the spaces again and give them sense

© Jean-Charles Queffélec

© Jean-Charles Queffélec

The project in video:

Jardin d’hiver considers the possibility of new programs in the architecture and urban planning of rue de Rivoli. It involves the extension of the inhabitants’ living spaces and the emergence of a new public space. The space formed by assembling the different “units” constitutes an open plan layout, where three types of furniture shape the space. The chair for generating downtime; the table for federating break times; and the flower pots for creating a scalable atmosphere.

With his forward-looking approach, Léo offers us a real debate, time to reflect on current mechanisms of heritage designation and their consequences on the urban planning of a city like Paris. With a project that is clearly of architectural importance, he shows how design can create a modern, livable and sustainable alternative to a heritage which until now froze the various potential futures of the sites. It is a theoretical project which offers keys to deciphering a situation seen as problematic. The new lines of thinking suggested by Léo are utterly relevant and sensitive to a carefully analyzed context. It provides perspective on fields of investigation in design, at the intersection of various disciplines in urban design. What Léo is trying to conserve and protect is not so much inert matter as the living and diverse actions and movements of an inhabited ecosystem. His poetic view gives meaning to the reclaimed places thanks to “soft" functions and skillfully simplified mobility. At times provocative, they are not in conflict with the initial values of a “patrimonialization” that were originally benevolent for the history of humanity.

Anaïs Jacquard
Sustainable Cities Design Lab Course Leader


After completing his BDes in scenography, Léo spent a semester studying interior design at the Politecnico di Milano before taking the Urban Design MDes program followed by a double degree in business administration majoring in Design Management at l’IAE de Nantes. His internships at the Louvre assisting architects and scenographers on exhibitions and projects to redevelop some of the museum halls, as well as in the architecture agency Wilmotte et Associés in Paris, strengthened his interest in architecture and ambiguous spatial boundaries. He is currently starting a design job in the architects’ firm Junya Ishigami and Associates in Tokyo, Japan.

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