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// Clément Fayet

Some students skip meals because of an intense work pace

Students can chose their meals on the app and chose where and when to eat and whom to eat with

An unoccupied zone can become a catering area

Both cold and hot dishes can be transported in a cool bag that can be folded easily after use

HakTaFak is a service for ordering group meals and areas managed by the CROUS  and the university. Unused spaces in buildings are reclaimed to turn them into eating places and new interactive zones for students. The project focuses on students’ well-being and a restructuring of institutional catering thanks to a mobile app, specially designed furniture and tableware tailored to more nomadic use than in the university canteen.

[…] The study carried out by Clément on consumers showed that the hectic lifestyle of university students often causes them to skip meals or opt for a diet full of junk food. With HakTaFak, Clément reinvents a new type of fast food service for university students which encourages them to adopt healthy and balanced eating habits. […] HakTaFak offers the same advantages as fast food without compromising the nutritional aspect and the quality of the ingredients. Clément has designed an on-line platform which encourages the adoption of these eating habits by sending reminders to students who don’t have the time to eat healthily. This could be a new era in the perception of fast food, an era which would be characterized by a more balanced nutritional intake, particularly at a time when existing fast food chains are changing their menus to include regional dishes and healthier options. […] Creating a physical and digital platform based on technology can only encourage the adoption of new eating habits. Clément’s project has the potential to become a startup by teaming up with chains offering healthier fast food.

Dolly Daou
Director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab


Clément joined L’École de design’s Food Design MDes program, and went on to complete a double degree in business administration majoring in Design Management at l’IAE de Nantes, after first doing a 2-year advanced diploma in Product Design at l’Ecole de Condé in Paris and a degree in Industrial Design Engineering at l’Université d’Évry. He carried out his final internship at Open Lande, a platform for ecological and social projects where he had the opportunity to work on improving working processes, but also on signposting, ergonomics and ease-of-use in projects. Clément would like to work on something large-scale, for example on flow design applied to the food system.

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