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// Marie Balloué

When receiving a notification, the young riders can register to an event

A device to define a traffic safe area for the event

The participants can then share their photos and videos and comment the event

Watch the project video

FabRisk offers young riders a comprehensive experience with three interconnected elements. A concept of pop-up and nomadic micro-events gives moped riders a neutral space for high-risk behavior and a place to meet with road safety stakeholders. An app keeps young riders informed of any forthcoming micro-events in their area. The initiative defines the FabRisk zones and points out street furniture to riders during events.

Marie Balloué worked on road accidents in teenagers aged between 14 and 20 years old. This population has always adopted dangerous behaviors with consequences ranging from scars to disability or even death. Motorised two-wheelers are today a symbol of emancipation because of the associated risk. After carrying out a sociocultural analysis of her users and observing their expectations, Marie positioned her project as a complement to prevention campaigns. FabRisk teaches road safety thanks to a clever combination of technical training and information about dealing with unforeseen situations and transgression. With FabRisk, public stakeholders co-organize pop-up meetings for two-wheelers to practice riding in specially adapted urban spaces. The sequencing of the event allows the stakeholders to be present while remaining discreet, guaranteeing the safety of participants and the environment. In addition to the event, the FabRisk project includes two dispensers for laying out signage strips to temporarily define the space, as well as an application to inform, share and promote both before and after events. By carrying out many interviews, Marie was able to find practical solutions to a crucial aspect of the project: reconciling the experience of health and safety professionals with that of thrill-seeking teenagers.

Simon Boussard
Care Design Lab Course Leader


Following undergraduate studies at l’Ecole de Condé and an internship at EGO Paris, designers of high-end outdoor furniture, Marie joined L’École de design to follow the Health & Social Innovation MDes program. The question of risk-taking in teenagers, particularly in motorized two-wheelers, was the obvious choice when it came to writing her thesis. To complete her training as a product designer, she did her final internship in the small electrical goods sector in the SEB group in Écully. Today, Marie is looking for a position in which she can continue working on designing everyday products and thus play a role in improving the lives of the greatest possible number of people.é-618762152

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