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// Astrid Vincent

Production of Alfalfa has a low environmental impact

The variety of ingredients allow to gradually reduce meat consumption

In order to diversify meals, several flavours are available

The project in video

Alfa is a range of sauces made with extract of alfalfa leaf. A forage plant from the legume family, alfalfa meets various agronomic and ecological challenges; it fixes nitrogen in the soil and requires little fertilizer. Alfa offers flexitarians a protein alternative in their diet thanks to its range of ready-to-use sauces which gradually help reduce meat consumption. With the five Alfa sauces, they can vary their meals: green pesto, red pepper pesto, curry, tomato and basil and tomato and Espelette chilli pepper.

In view of demographic growth, it is important to develop sustainable food products with energy-efficient production and distribution. Astrid addressed this global concern by exploring the nutritional advantages of a plant rich in vegetable proteins and omega 3 and 6: alfalfa. Traditionally used to feed cattle, alfalfa also has many nutritional advantages for humans. […] By blending different aromas and flavors, experimenting with various nutrients and different textures, carrying out consumer tests and taking advantage of the potential uses of alfalfa, Astrid offers a new perspective to a wide audience with the consumption of appetizing plant-based proteins. Astrid’s project could be developed in the context of a collaborative study combining design, experimental sciences and humanities in order to demonstrate the advantages of plant-based proteins for health and their impact on the environment.”

Dolly Daou
Director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab

Aude Chaigneau-Messager
New Eating Habits Design Lab Course Leader


After completing a BDes in graphic design, Astrid did a six-month exchange program at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany, taking courses in graphic design, illustration and typography, then completed the New Eating Habits MDes program. She applies Albert Camus’ philosophy to her work: “Creating is also shaping your own destiny”. Her work on alfalfa for her final degree project shifted her interest to the biological sector. She was subsequently hired as a graphic designer at Kadolis, a small company offering organic and natural sleep-enhancing products.

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