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// Yann Penhouet

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How to increase productivity sitting at a desk

Since the advent of social networks a few years ago, it is increasingly difficult to concentrate when working on a computer. What with notifications from friends and junk mail, our attention is soon distracted. Why? Because we use the same screen for work and “distractions”. This little object, CUBE(S), moves these distractions to the edge of the main screen, thus ensuring that your production zone is never affected. You can easily move your inbox, your Twitter feed or your Spotify playlist into one of the cubes that you control at the touch of a fingertip via the tactile screen. Professionals, you can also move a Photoshop tool panel, 3D modeling software or any of your tools in order to streamline your work. But CUBE(S) is also the object which could replace all the connected objects on your desk. Because in addition to the touchscreen, it is also equipped with a loud-speaker, an illuminated surface, and the whole system has inbuilt artificial intelligence. But the unique feature of this project is that several CUBE(S) can be connected to each other, thus creating mini structures that function as a desk lamp, large touch-sensitive panel or even a sound and light bar under the TV. The only limit to its possibilities will be your imagination.

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