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Co’Watt: Bike Powered Party

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// Alyson Roussel, Arthur Testau, Alexia Petitbon, Cigdem Soysal, Emmanuel Ollivier and Léna Roy

The prototype of Co’Watt at the venue Grand T in Nantes

From 4th to 8th January, twenty or so students from the D2M degree course (Design, Materials and Modelling) came up with an off-the-wall installation for “charging the batteries” of the festival Tous Terriens, un festival pour changer d’ère which will take place between 10th and 12th June 2016 at the Grand T in Nantes. They worked together in groups to design and model a prototype which was made by IUT (University Institute of Technology) and the Grand T workshop. The students had to design a device which would:

• be as appealing as possible to encourage the maximum number of spectators to use the bikes in the hall and store energy;
• communicate and inform people about the event.
After the design and final project were selected, IUT students in Thermal Engineering and Energy from Nantes took over in February to manufacture, size and assemble the bikes, together with the stands and alternators.

Named Co’Watt, this “fun and low tech” installation gets participants pedalling energetically to produce and store the energy needed to dance all night at the Cyclo Party which takes place on the evening of 11th June 2016. For this Bike Powered Party, a local DJ chosen by Stereolux concert hall will get the spectators dancing. All the energy needed for the evening will be produced by cyclists who will pedal before and during the event and, thanks to their calf-power, they will produce enough energy to power the lighting for the DJ set.

Co’Watt has been on display since the 3rd March in the hall of the Grand T in Nantes and will then move around the city meeting cyclo-contributors.

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