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// Manon Rollet

Cosmose, a connected in-store coaching experience

Manon’s project offers the opportunity to create your own customized product

As with bulk products, the user can choose the quantity of components needed

A variety of components refills are associated with an application

Cosmose reduces waste and promotes DIY

Homemade cosmetics are having a moment! Rather neglected in recent years, they are back in the spotlight, followed by a growing demand for naturalness, transparency and personalized products. But the art of creating cosmetic treatments remains delicate. Manon has turned her attentions to the issue. How can we easily and safely create handmade cosmetics?

Cosmose is a connected in-store coaching experience. Three ingredient distribution modules are connected to a diagnostic interface. The formulas are based on raw ingredients and "neutral" bases. Created to limit the risks of contamination, Cosmose reduces waste and promotes the Do lt Yourself mentality.

" The Cosmose project delivers an object from the cosmetics sector. Based on the same model as bulk products, Cosmose allows the user to choose the formula and the quantity of ingredients needed to create his/her custom product. Refills of various components are associated with an application. When Manon enrolled on a master’s degree course with apprenticeship, she joined Aptar, a company specializing in the dosage of cosmetic products in the highly industrialized sector of mass distribution. The contrast of this universe with the current trend of returning to natural and artisanal production methods, provided Manon with her work focus. Reassuring and accompanying the user are the goals that Manon has chosen. Thanks to a good understanding of user needs and the stakes related to an economic sector, she has developed a relevant object. Designed with strong codes, Cosmose can be adapted to different brand images. It paves the way for those who are looking for new experiences to offer. "

Marion Moussu - MDes programs in apprenticeship Course Leader

This project is selected as part of Design L’Expo 2020 and will be exhibited at La Cale 2 Créateurs.



2018 - 2020
Design and Innovation Management MDes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

Vocational D2M Bachelor’s degree [Design/Materials/Modeling], L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

Ceramics and textile DMA majoring in Textiles/digital crafts, J-P. Vernant High School, SEVRES, FRANCE

2011 - 2015
Product Design BTS (2-year advanced diploma), Esaa Boulle, PARIS, FRANCE

Motto: " Creativity is intelligence having fun. " Albert Einstein


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