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// Flora Taï


With a plethora of food products on the market and contradictory messages from different sources, eating habits show a discrepancy between our requirements and actual nutritional intakes which could jeopardize our health.

The Compliment project is a response to a major public health problem: poor diet. It demonstrates a social approach in its positioning and sustainable development in its industrialization. The aim of this project is to consider an alternative to traditional dietary supplements by offering a non-invasive and tasty eating regime that makes you responsible for your own health.

Global design and breakthrough innovation are at the heart of the initiative. The Compliment project is made up of a food product, the associated service, packaging and internet site with a viable and industrializable business model. Compliment provides a selection of herbs and spices enriched in nutrients (oligo-elements) compacted into a crumbly stick. Play with your food!  Sprinkle the product over your usual food to enhance it both in terms of nutrition and taste.

Compliment is one of the 18 projects exhibited at Design(s), l’expo 2013.

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