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La cloche essentielle

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// Louise Tesson

A steam cooking kit that naturally flavours food for people who watch what they eat, La Cloche Essentielle means you can wave goodbye to flavour enhancers. People following a slimming or therapeutic diet can rediscover the pleasure of eating. The capsules of essential oil crystals combine the benefits of steam cooking with a quest for new flavours. This innovative cooking method is part of a long-term approach to nutritional re-education by changing people’s eating habits.

"How can we improve the taste of our food on a daily basis when we have to avoid enhancers such as salt, fat and sugar? The question posed by Louise concerns a huge number of consumers. “La cloche essentielle” is a system for steam cooking made up of a cloche which fits all kinds of pans and a system of detachable capsules containing essential oils. These give flavour to the dishes during cooking. Her project is a design solution that comes from a user-centred positioning and approach to ensure the quality of their eating experience. This approach makes the project particularly innovative in a sector already flooded with gadgets and utensils of all kinds. Louise’s final degree project reflects the high expectations we have of this exercise: a global approach involving meticulous attention to detail and the consideration of a maximum of dimensions: technical, commercial, economic, etc.”

Benoît Millet, director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab


Louise Tesson

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design, Louise went on to do a Master’s in New Eating Habits. At the same time, she did a double degree in Design Management at IEMN-IAE to gain complementary skills with a view to one day setting up a multi-disciplinary design agency. Thanks to her experiences doing internships abroad (Pinch Food Design in New-York or Morph UK in London for her final internship) she had the opportunity to familiarize herself with user-centred project methodologies.
Her design philosophy can be summed up by a Woody Allen quote: “if you are not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you aren’t doing anything very innovative”.

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