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The chocolate message

#product design #undergraduate studies #workshop

// 3rd year Product Design students

Chocolate is a popular choice of gift for various special occasions and is often accompanied by a card. To make this experience more memorable, 3rd year Product Design students designed a chocolate that doesn’t come with a message in a card but is itself the message.

Using simple yet clever solutions they concealed a customizable message so that the consumer can make the product their own and offer it to the person of their choice. In groups of four, the students had one week to design a chocolate prototype, its packaging and the graphic design of the brand they created. A great exercise in global design, aimed at delighting your taste buds!

The project was supervised by Lucie Bolzec, food designer and school alumni. To round off the week of creativity, they presented their final projects before pastry chef and chocolate maker Vincent Guerlais welcomed from the school for the third year running for this workshop.

Whether it’s a declaration of love, a message of encouragement or an important announcement, it brings a completely new dimension to offering and enjoying chocolate!

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