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Chocolate: a travel souvenir

#design produit #design alimentaire #pedagogy

// 3rd year students in BDes Product Design

"Fragment" - Marie Bal-Fontaine, Eloise Bonnard, Jules Lerouge and Pauline Oger’s project.

"Hana" - Raphaëlle Caroff, Mathilde Cerès, Amélie Péron and Flavie Simon-Barboux’s project.

"Viseat" - Cléo Fauvarque, Irmak Ozkan, Émilie Gioanni and Franck Grossel’s project.

"Boulevard" - Jason Chapron, Hermeline Duchemin, Brandon Gondouin and Pauline Leriche’s project.

"Itimento" - Quentin Cadero, Enzo Camilla, Clara Chanteloup and Zoé Oberle’s project.

"Desierto" - Élise Cugnart, Camille Métayer and Marion Bernardi’s project.

"Rock it" - Clara Jouault, Louise Peyon, Maxence De Cock and François-Marie Vaillant’s project.

"Is eyja" - Julien Cougnaud, Ebony Lerandy, Constance Rondeau and Victor Salinier’s project.

2018 chocolate workshop video

When we go on a trip, we always like to bring something back, rediscover the typical flavors or relive specific sensations depending on the experience. In the context of their chocolate workshop, 3rd year students in BDes Product Design had one week to imagine this "souvenir” chocolate.

At the end of this week-long workshop, they presented a prototype of their project in groups of four including the chocolate product, the packaging, the brand and its graphic universe, as well as the accompanying order service. The extra challenge: their prototype had to fit into a package of a certain size. The projects were then actually posted in this parcel to check the solidity of the prototypes! Beware of breakages!

The project was supervised by Lucie Bolzec, a food designer who graduated from the school in 2011, assisted by Elise Huneau, a future graduate who provided expert advice on working with chocolate.



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