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// Joseph Chataigner

Chenille helps young people feel secure and reassured

Chenille acts as a cocoon

it systematically accompanies the child at bedtime, regardless of where they are

In France, 180,000 children are in specialized facilities or in foster care. Separated from their families, these young people often exhibit difficult or antisocial behavior. By the time they reach adulthood, 40% of them will be homeless, 70% will have no professional qualifications, while others will have regular stays in prison or in psychiatric hospitals.

Chenille helps young people feel secure and reassured. This comforter acts as a night companion: it systematically accompanies the child at bedtime, regardless of where they are. By providing comfort, security and a sense of belonging, Chenille acts as a cocoon to prepare the child to take flight.


" Chenille is a project designed for children in the child welfare system. Most often, these children are placed in foster homes. Through his observations and interviews, Joseph realized that bedtime was a crucial moment for these children. They felt a real lack of affection and reassurance. Joseph has come up with more than a simple sleeping bag: it is a tool to bring comfort and reassurance to the young person over the long term, in a somewhat unstable environment.
Designed with different modules that can be added over time, Chenille is like an evolving "cuddly toy" that adapts with the child’s development, from age 3 to adolescence. Wherever they go, they take this physical and emotional companion with them. The object offers various features: pillow, secret pouch, sleeping bag or carrying bag. For this socially conscious project, the designer is working with a textile production and sewing workshop that helps the unemployed find work. Chenille offers both a concrete and relevant response without neglecting the sensitive and playful aspect of the object. "

Élise Fauveau


2019 - 2020 (4 months):
Designer, internship at Octopus Innovation, Shanghai, China

2018 (3 months):
Designer, internship at Gameloft, Montreal region, Canada

2019 - 2021:
MDes in International Design Strategy, China Studio at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, Nantes, France

2016 - 2019:
BDes in Industrial Design - Transport Design at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

Motto: "The designer, in addition to being an aesthete, must be an inventor and an innovator.”


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