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// Marie Seban

Cétonapp provides practical help when preparing meals for epileptic children. After registering on the application and entering the child’s personal medical details, the application immediately suggests a choice of appropriate recipes with the required quantities. An instant messaging system lets you communicate with doctors and dieticians and medical appointments can be recorded in a dedicated section, with an alarm function for appointments and medication.

“Marie chose a particularly sensitive and problematic topic: improving treatment for epileptic children through diet. The ketogenic diet, a therapeutic dietary treatment high in fat and low in sugar prescribed by doctors, is particularly effective but highly complex to administer at each meal. Marie’s project focuses on this difficulty and proposes a stylish application showcasing her skills as a graphic designer. In its form and use, Marie has sought to improve these families’ everyday life. The fieldwork involved meeting parents and children, talking to doctors and observing their environment. The relevance of this project lies in its outstanding analysis of the context.”

Benoît Millet, director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab


Marie Seban

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Marie went on to do a Master’s in New Eating Habits. Her first internship in Shanghai at Black & Gold agency then a final internship as assistant artistic director at Magic Bridge (a communications and strategy agency for luxury brands based in Paris) resulted in Marie being hired by Magic Bridge as junior artistic director. She loves their sleek and dynamic style, the originality of the layouts and clever colorimetric choices, following the example of the Parisian creative studio “Le Bureau Kayser”, the brains behind editorial projects, visual identities, web interfaces and motion design.

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