Student projects


Nicolas Dussouil

Educating children to behave responsibly in the sun. Nicolas Dussouil’s end of studies project is exhibited during Design L’Expo 2018 at La Cale 2 Créateurs in Nantes from November 24th 2018 to January 23rd 2019.

Ce module de conservation intelligent apporte une conservation plus longue et moins destructrice que le réfrigérateur. Fruidge Boost, dérivé de Fruidge, permet d’ajuster la maturation du produit pour le consommer quand on le souhaite.


Manon Le Coënt

Reducing food waste in homes. Manon Le Coënt’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017 and at the 2018 Milan Design Week.


Clémence Pujo and Guillaume Clochard

nomad. is a comprehensive service which will help remote teams to work collaboratively. Clémence Pujo and Guillaume Clochard’s end of studies project developed as part of the double degree D.U. DESSIIN.


Capucine Gorenbouh and Clara Tersen

Mingle helps solo travelers beat the loneliness often experienced during long-haul trips.


Estelle Riggenbach

WISHer is a floral guide which helps clients select the plants best suited to their personal environment.

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Léo Chatain & Quentin Gros

Sound system solution for shared workspace in the shape of connected seat.


Thomas Chevillotte & Paolin Thoury

An objet which works without cellular networks during floods and creates a stand-alone network to organize relief.

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Paulo Cornec & Bastien Tercinier

XtraView is a connected object meant to compensate for a loss of peripheral vision using one or several rangefinders, the user should feel obstacles that he canno longer see.


Guillaume Nicolas & Thomas Ollivier

Connected object for school groups whose goal is to go beyond a simple museum visit and to virtually capture elements of the collection.