Student projects - Page 3

Retail Space Workshop 2016

The objectives of this workshop was to discover the aspects of the work of interior designers and scenographers and to learn the basic concepts of interior and retail design.


Thomas Lautrédou, Sullyvan Lecomte, Charles Perinet & Théo Richard

La Valkyrie, a team composed of three 3rd-year students of the interaction design Bachelor program developed Eyegon, an application for analyzing and treating proprioception disorders caused by squints.

Mad Traffic

Margaux Leroy, Adrien Milcent, Étienne Guedon, Jean-Philippe Lefaucheux

NDG, a team of three 3rd-year students of the bachelor program in interaction design developed Mad Traffic, a playful and interactive experience for young children to make them aware of potential road dangers.


Justine Suteau, Louise Robert, Pauline Bernard, Julie Bigot

105° brings together everything you need for a meeting.


Perrine Bader, Clément Lemière, Aurélia Maurin, Pauline Jouitteau

The smart family calendar. Situated at the heart of your home, WOODY could soon become indispensable for every family.


Elise Huneau, Célia Ferrer, Pauline Dilosquer, Amélie Galcera

Deltamorphose unfolds according to the intensity of the noise thus revealing its faceted and insulating fabric.


Claire Dugast, Arthur Godet, Neha Hassanbay, Morgane Thomas

Ulexit – a connected piece of furniture. It’s a household lamp which lets you capture and direct natural daylight and use the stored energy at night.


Marion Fouré, Camille Renard, Mathilde Pointeau, Clémence Pujo

The reversible office table Switch lets you partition or open up your work space and eating space thanks to its reversible design.

Chut !

Charlotte De Rafelis, Alice Delsenne, Nicolas Boda, Paul Burgos

“Chut!” is much more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a sanctuary.