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Student projects

Aérial by Manon Penhouet

Manon Penhouet

Rediscovering the port of Saint-Nazaire and its surroundings

Multimodal transport

Le Flo’w

Florentina Carrier

Guiding workers towards new modes of mobility on a daily basis. An end of studies project developed by Florentina Carrier exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017 and at the 2018 Milan Design Week.

With the project

New places of learning

Students in 3rd year BDes Interior Design

How can design promote learning in the department of Science and Technology at Nantes University? A long project conducted by 3rd year students on BDes Interior Design between November 2017 and February 2018.

multi-channel tool


Eloïse Conoir

Helping teenagers placed in child welfare institutions in the process of personal reconstruction. Eloise Conoir’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.


Audiovisual seminar

2nd year BDes students in Transport Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design and Space Design

Producing a video magazine on the theme of design based on one of the six specialties taught at the school: Product, Interaction, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Scenographic Environments and Transport.

Retail Space Workshop 2016

The objectives of this workshop was to discover the aspects of the work of interior designers and scenographers and to learn the basic concepts of interior and retail design.