Student projects

multi-channel tool


Eloïse Conoir

Helping teenagers placed in child welfare institutions in the process of personal reconstruction. Eloise Conoir’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.


Lorie Péron

Encouraging the inclusion of child asylum seekers through play and learning French. Lorie Péron’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.

Adjustable desks

Yoan Bandini, Sophie Charier, Léticia Mogoa Trébuchon, Hugo Rahn, Bettina Rambaud,

Double height desks bring revolution in the ways of working. They allow individual work in sitting position as well as standing collaborative work using the space under the desk.

Dysland Quest

Livier Ortiz-Anaya

Intended for children with dyslexic difficulties, Dysland Quest is a board game designed to help motivate children to do their homework. Through the exploration and redefinition of the user experience, homework becomes fun.


Antonin Philippe

Buddy encourages responsible behavior and promotes the use of public transport. A driver-less multi-purpose vehicle, Buddy vehicles are guided by user requests via an application. The application is also a social network for users.



Batia Bertho

The disinfection of objects in contact with hospitalised children in a protected area is mandatory. With UTO, a disinfection unit shaped like a rocking hedgehog, young patients can play an active role in the procedure.



Aurélien Gilbert

The concept, proposed for the transformation of the Drop-in centre for risk reduction amongst drug users of Nantes, aims to restore self-esteem and confidence by utilising the senses of smell, touch and sight.



Fabien Proust

Naja promotes the independence of Type 1 diabetics while minimising treatment costs. It therefore changes the life experience of diabetic patients.