Student projects

The projets have been evaluated on their interaction with the visitors, among other criteria.


Digital Culture MDes students

The Digital Culture MDes students worked on propositions for an interactive exhibit as part of Stereolux venue’s 10th anniversary. The workshop was managed by FELD studio for digital crafts. Digital design by L’École de design

Virtual reality application

VR Geopolitics

Quentin Le Pape

A project that offers a sensory and immersive perception of international news. Quentin Le Pape’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.


Simon Bertrand, Corentin Fatus and Vincent Lorant.

Experience which gives the user the power to control the wind through a mixed reality device that transforms a virtual world dream to tangible items. Graphic design Prize at Laval Virtual 2014, Special Recognition Award at IVRC 2014 (Tokyo, Japan).

My Object Family

My object family

Marion Esquian

Encouraging the eco-responsible use of household appliances using augmented reality