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Auriane Denis-Le Quellec

With this serious game, farming data is made available in the form of services. The farmer thus obtains real-time feedback on his farming activities. He is able to consider the best ways of developing his activity.


Estelle Riggenbach

WISHer is a floral guide which helps clients select the plants best suited to their personal environment.


Thomas Lautrédou, Sullyvan Lecomte, Charles Perinet & Théo Richard

La Valkyrie, a team composed of three 3rd-year students of the interaction design Bachelor program developed Eyegon, an application for analyzing and treating proprioception disorders caused by squints.

Mad Traffic

Margaux Leroy, Adrien Milcent, Étienne Guedon, Jean-Philippe Lefaucheux

NDG, a team of three 3rd-year students of the bachelor program in interaction design developed Mad Traffic, a playful and interactive experience for young children to make them aware of potential road dangers.

JULES VERNE PARLE À TOUT LE MONDE (Jules Verne speaks for itself)  - Axelle Billon & Charline Finster


Students from the Université de Montréal and from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

26 projects developed by students from Montreal University and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique in February 2016.

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Léo Chatain & Quentin Gros

Sound system solution for shared workspace in the shape of connected seat.


Thomas Chevillotte & Paolin Thoury

An objet which works without cellular networks during floods and creates a stand-alone network to organize relief.

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Paulo Cornec & Bastien Tercinier

XtraView is a connected object meant to compensate for a loss of peripheral vision using one or several rangefinders, the user should feel obstacles that he canno longer see.


Guillaume Nicolas & Thomas Ollivier

Connected object for school groups whose goal is to go beyond a simple museum visit and to virtually capture elements of the collection.