Student projects

Student projects

The cigarettes are presented in a tobacco carrousel, creating a sleek and pared-down space

Tomorrow’s tobacconist

Florentina Carrier, Qingyuan Lyu et Juliette Mary

Presentation of the "Le récréatif" project to provide a new consumer experience for customers and new ways of working for tobacconists.


Alice Le Mouël

This reinterpretation shows that there has been a shift in the vision that we have of space and paves the way for urban design.

Skope : l’horloge intelligente

Alexandra Abidji

Skope lets you materialise your energy consumption and helps change behaviour to reduce your ecological footprint. The smart clock centralises all the data regarding consumption and domestic pollution.

Habitat PopUp

Géraldine Kerboëthau

Urban densification means our habitat has to adapt to changing lifestyles. The timber-framed PopUp Habitat reconsiders the uses and functions of housing and offers users a modular living space. Each module is reversible and customizable.

Habiter l’urbain

François Cattoni

“Inhabiting Urban Areas” is a scheme for urban planning and design which respects the principles of consultation and co-production.

Smart Mobility

Clément Breuille

An augmented multimodal station rooted in the city is a valuable communication tool for citizens, decision-makers and transport companies.


Etienne Coutable

The aim of S’cool is to provide more security, visibility, protection and comfort to children on bikes while reassuring parents.

Micr’Home - Myrtille Drouet


Myrtille Drouet

By choosing to inhabit the gaps of the city, the designer becomes part of the sustainable city by sensitively maximising the city centre.

Rencontres au fil de l’eau

Simon Denis

The issue of accessibility for all and intermodal facilities into marinas is at the heart of this “augmented" infrastructure project for the port of St Gilles Croix de Vie.