Student projects

Commemorating the deceased


Camille Charmey

Commemorating the deceased in keeping with Chinese culture. Camille Charmey’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’expo 2017.


Paul Bouisset

Reclaiming digital objects. Paul Bouisset’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.

Flexible public space


Juliette Mary

Giving expression to citizens’ contribution to building sustainable cities. Juliette Mary’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.

Newater Delhi

Marie Etlin

The project seeks to recycle waste water from buildings using micro-algae and thus provide access to drinking water and produce energy from organic matter. Cellular trays are installed on a bamboo structure which thermally insulates the building.


Guillaume Allemon, Camille Boulestin

A connected object that helps you disconnect and encourages regular trips between the workspace and relaxation area.

Adjustable desks

Yoan Bandini, Sophie Charier, Léticia Mogoa Trébuchon, Hugo Rahn, Bettina Rambaud,

Double height desks bring revolution in the ways of working. They allow individual work in sitting position as well as standing collaborative work using the space under the desk.


Alice Le Mouël

This reinterpretation shows that there has been a shift in the vision that we have of space and paves the way for urban design.


Alexandre Larnac

With global warming, mountain resorts are going to have to diversify the activities on offer. Squamat, inspired by the movement of reptiles, is intended to provide new thrilling sensations without snow.

Belinda - Potions d’orties

Noëllie Perrusset

Belinda is a mobile facility for promoting the consumption of nettles and its virtues in the form of fruit and vegetables cocktails. The medieval atmosphere used for marketing purposes reflects the history of the plant.