Student projects

The students have spotted the main usage points of the town center.

Revitalizing Le Boupère (Vendée)

Sarah CORCHIA, Valentin SENDRIER, Philippine MAHÉ, Margaux LEGAL, Romane BODY and Charline HAVART, 1st year students in MDes Mutations of the Built Environment

A forward-looking project to formalize the needs expressed by residents (in workshops) regarding urban regeneration and new possible uses of Le Boupère town center (Vendée, France) in partnership with the municipality and urban planning departments.

The aim is to create a mediation device as well as an interactive installation


3rd year students from Scenography and Graphic Design BDes programs

A creative, technological and cross-disciplinary battle involving students from Polytech Nantes, Audencia SciencesCom and 50 3rd year students from Scenography and Graphic Design BDes programs.

Tyvek Workshop

2nd year students in BDes Transport Design

Paper, sheets, folding – 2nd year students in BDes Transport Design spent a week working hard creating objects or installations which add value to Tyvek.

Chocolate: a travel souvenir

3rd year students in BDes Product Design

A workshop in which students designed a chocolate product, its packaging, brand and graphic universe as well as the accompanying order service.

“Tear Drop” solution

3rd year BDes Transport Design

A week-long workshop in partnership with Castorama to prototype a “tear drop” solution for the design and layout of a trailer.


Yann Penhouet

How to increase productivity sitting at a desk.


Chloé Bigorre

Chloé Bigorre has just finished the 3rd year in her Interaction Design Bachelor’s degree.

Vinyl records sleeves

1st year students

BDes 1st year students created vinyl sleeves for the artist or group of their choice.


Baptiste Feuillâtre

Wake is a card-based board game designed to stimulate the memories and bodies of elderly people suffering from Alzheimers. The facilitator can easily adapt the game.