Student projects

Endless Garments

Carla Marzin

Putting a stop to clothing wastage and making fashion environmentally-friendly. Carla Marzin’s project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.


Baptiste Feuillâtre

Wake is a card-based board game designed to stimulate the memories and bodies of elderly people suffering from Alzheimers. The facilitator can easily adapt the game.

Sleep On It

Thomas Rogel

Sleep On It is an educational mural located at one of Shanghai’s subway station exits – it illustrates the negative effects linked to stress and the human body’s need for sleep.


Sophie Lefebvre

Apicalm concludes a three-way contract between bees, alternative medicine and joint pain sufferers.


Gauthier Saillard

Jing is a connected object for improving the experience of napping by perfectly synchronizing sleep and music

Qing Che

Qing Che

Alizée Lambert

Qing Che, synonymous with purity, gives a luxurious distinction to the ancestral Chinese alcoholic beverage called baijiu. Inside the Qing Che shop, customers can create their own customised baijiu by choosing the grain type and fermentation time, etc.

Trust in hospital

Trust in hospital

Myriam Moisan

At their busiest times, Chinese hospitals are similar to airports. With patients and visitors often frustrated or anxious, the tracking and guidance system for moving around hospitals should offer reassurance.

Hydro Hub

Hydro Hub

Nolwenn Burban

Reconciling Shanghai’s inhabitants with the river

Chinese Sailboat

Chinese Sailboat

Thomas Droze

Providing pleasure craft in China