Student projects - Page 2


Arnaud Guinard & Manon Soler

Service for patients of a pharmacy, allowing them to be aware of their medicine stock in real time.


Sandrine Bender & Alizée Gottardo

Noa is a connected companion for taking asthma treatment for child patients.


Etienne Coutable

The aim of S’cool is to provide more security, visibility, protection and comfort to children on bikes while reassuring parents.

Affaire d’Hôtel

Prune Ferré

Sustainable cities should rhyme with new social experiences and the reinvention of buildings. Affaire d’Hôtel opens up the hotel to the city, its inhabitants and travelers.

Mercury Cottage

Valentin Joubert

The transitional accommodation between home and EHPAD nursing home for the elderly becomes mobile and adaptable. Mercury Cottage is designed to provide self-contained housing which can be adapted to the inhabitant’s gradual loss of independence

Les fruits moches

Léa Rousse

Enhancing the appearance of fruits by using luxurious and refined materials to dress it up and make it saleable.


Marc Teyssier

A(r)LIVE is an experimental research project on modes of interaction (Human Machine Interfaces – HMI) in the age of ubiquitous computing.


Julie Vasse

Nesso provides a global and relevant solution for parents, premature infants and medical professionals, and turns the parent-child bond into something tangible.

Big Bang

Hugo Vissac

A poetic object which is relevant, fun and effective in terms of therapeutic benefits and which provides a positive user experience in the care pathway.