Student projects

The students have spotted the main usage points of the town center.

Revitalizing Le Boupère (Vendée)

Sarah CORCHIA, Valentin SENDRIER, Philippine MAHÉ, Margaux LEGAL, Romane BODY and Charline HAVART, 1st year students in MDes Mutations of the Built Environment

A forward-looking project to formalize the needs expressed by residents (in workshops) regarding urban regeneration and new possible uses of Le Boupère town center (Vendée, France) in partnership with the municipality and urban planning departments.


Clémence Pujo and Guillaume Clochard

nomad. is a comprehensive service which will help remote teams to work collaboratively. Clémence Pujo and Guillaume Clochard’s end of studies project developed as part of the double degree D.U. DESSIIN.


Capucine Gorenbouh and Clara Tersen

Mingle helps solo travelers beat the loneliness often experienced during long-haul trips.

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Léo Chatain & Quentin Gros

Sound system solution for shared workspace in the shape of connected seat.


Guillaume Nicolas & Thomas Ollivier

Connected object for school groups whose goal is to go beyond a simple museum visit and to virtually capture elements of the collection.


Arnaud Guinard & Manon Soler

Service for patients of a pharmacy, allowing them to be aware of their medicine stock in real time.


Sandrine Bender & Alizée Gottardo

Noa is a connected companion for taking asthma treatment for child patients.


Etienne Coutable

The aim of S’cool is to provide more security, visibility, protection and comfort to children on bikes while reassuring parents.

Affaire d’Hôtel

Prune Ferré

Sustainable cities should rhyme with new social experiences and the reinvention of buildings. Affaire d’Hôtel opens up the hotel to the city, its inhabitants and travelers.