Student projects


Célia Ferrer

Preventing sexist behavior from childhood. Célia Ferrer’s end of studies project is exhibited during Design L’Expo 2018 at La Cale 2 Créateurs in Nantes from November 24th 2018 to January 23rd 2019.

Ange et l’arbre des donneurs

Daphnée Belleil

“Ange” aims to increase the number of transplants available for saving patients for whom a transplant is the last hope of recovery. It also aims to simplify the decision of loved ones about organ donation.

Dysland Quest

Livier Ortiz-Anaya

Intended for children with dyslexic difficulties, Dysland Quest is a board game designed to help motivate children to do their homework. Through the exploration and redefinition of the user experience, homework becomes fun.

Habiter l’urbain

François Cattoni

“Inhabiting Urban Areas” is a scheme for urban planning and design which respects the principles of consultation and co-production.