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Yann Penhouet

How to increase productivity sitting at a desk.


Chloé Bigorre

Chloé Bigorre has just finished the 3rd year in her Interaction Design Bachelor’s degree.

Mapping for a fashion show

A combined workshop for the 3rd-year-students in Interaction Design and in Scenography took place between May 9th and May 13th, 2016. The aim was to design a fashion show for a brand using mapping technique in the set design.


Thomas Lautrédou, Sullyvan Lecomte, Charles Perinet & Théo Richard

La Valkyrie, a team composed of three 3rd-year students of the interaction design Bachelor program developed Eyegon, an application for analyzing and treating proprioception disorders caused by squints.

Mad Traffic

Margaux Leroy, Adrien Milcent, Étienne Guedon, Jean-Philippe Lefaucheux

NDG, a team of three 3rd-year students of the bachelor program in interaction design developed Mad Traffic, a playful and interactive experience for young children to make them aware of potential road dangers.

Working students while the competition


Maxime Béneteau, Justine Derouet, Marion Laillé and Quentin Le Pape

Gizmo is a 3D realtime application designed in 30 hours straight as part of Laval Virtual competition in limited time by the team Indie. Winner of the Laval Virtual Award Virtual Fantasy 2015.


Juliette Neveu

Killing the password via a connected object as a piece of jewlery to manage passwords through a personal combination.


Simon Bertrand, Corentin Fatus and Vincent Lorant.

Experience which gives the user the power to control the wind through a mixed reality device that transforms a virtual world dream to tangible items. Graphic design Prize at Laval Virtual 2014, Special Recognition Award at IVRC 2014 (Tokyo, Japan).

CAC 40

CAC 40

Jérémy Barre - Benjamin Berger - Aurélien Trichereau

Le projet illustre le réseau de représentants et dirigeants des 40 plus grandes entreprises françaises (CAC 40) à travers une application web liée à twitter.