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Simon Bertrand, Corentin Fatus and Vincent Lorant.

Experience which gives the user the power to control the wind through a mixed reality device that transforms a virtual world dream to tangible items. Graphic design Prize at Laval Virtual 2014, Special Recognition Award at IVRC 2014 (Tokyo, Japan).

CAC 40

CAC 40

Jérémy Barre - Benjamin Berger - Aurélien Trichereau

Le projet illustre le réseau de représentants et dirigeants des 40 plus grandes entreprises françaises (CAC 40) à travers une application web liée à twitter.



Thomas Chevillotte

Andipratic, a new Androïd and IOS app which allows disabled persons to identify disabled access places around Loire-Atlantique aera.



Ian Ardouin-Fumat

Carrousel is an online-based plug-in that gathers, studies and shares data.

Know-how augmented

François Ballon

How to support the continuity and sustainability of industrial know-how.


Mickaël Denié

The site/service designed makes it possible to create online trust, to share products/services offline, and to improve social relationships in the neighbourhood. Its puts neighbours in touch with one another, on the basis of a local social network.

LeARn Physics

Victor Manselon

Educational construction game based on remote collaboration


Marc-Antoine Russo

Online service for managing indoor gardens