Student projects

Commemorating the deceased


Camille Charmey

Commemorating the deceased in keeping with Chinese culture. Camille Charmey’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’expo 2017.

Endless Garments

Carla Marzin

Putting a stop to clothing wastage and making fashion environmentally-friendly. Carla Marzin’s project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017.


Mickaël Denié

The site/service designed makes it possible to create online trust, to share products/services offline, and to improve social relationships in the neighbourhood. Its puts neighbours in touch with one another, on the basis of a local social network.

External Fridge par Nicolas Hubert pour le concours Electrolux Design Lab

External fridge

Nicolas Hubert

Frigidaire et climatiseur deux-en-un, fixé sur les parois extérieures des habitations