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Student projects - Page 3

Newater Delhi

Marie Etlin

The project seeks to recycle waste water from buildings using micro-algae and thus provide access to drinking water and produce energy from organic matter. Cellular trays are installed on a bamboo structure which thermally insulates the building.

Take me away

Orpha Faramelli

Take me away is a portable tea-making machine which conserves the health benefits of tea, ensuring the user’s well-being all day long. Economical and easy to use, the machine is programmable and controls all the factors needed to prepare the perfect cup .


Baptiste Feuillâtre

Wake is a card-based board game designed to stimulate the memories and bodies of elderly people suffering from Alzheimers. The facilitator can easily adapt the game.

Sleep On It

Thomas Rogel

Sleep On It is an educational mural located at one of Shanghai’s subway station exits – it illustrates the negative effects linked to stress and the human body’s need for sleep.


Sophie Lefebvre

Apicalm concludes a three-way contract between bees, alternative medicine and joint pain sufferers.


Marianne Javelot

SathSath addresses a local problem linked to economic, social and environmental issues through the creation of a community of farmers and consumers in Bangalore (India).

Let’s talk about sexuality

Charlotte Noël du Payrat

Although sexuality is taboo in India, it is vital to educate people on the subject in order to highlight the importance of health, body awareness and respecting others.

Qing Che

Qing Che

Alizée Lambert

Qing Che, synonymous with purity, gives a luxurious distinction to the ancestral Chinese alcoholic beverage called baijiu. Inside the Qing Che shop, customers can create their own customised baijiu by choosing the grain type and fermentation time, etc.

Patterns on purpose

Patterns on purpose

Hélène Thébault

Indian patterns are based on multiple religious, social and cultural meanings. Patterns on Purpose is a mobile library system linked to outdoor furniture.