Student projects - Page 2


Claire Dugast, Arthur Godet, Neha Hassanbay, Morgane Thomas

Ulexit – a connected piece of furniture. It’s a household lamp which lets you capture and direct natural daylight and use the stored energy at night.


Marion Fouré, Camille Renard, Mathilde Pointeau, Clémence Pujo

The reversible office table Switch lets you partition or open up your work space and eating space thanks to its reversible design.

Chut !

Charlotte De Rafelis, Alice Delsenne, Nicolas Boda, Paul Burgos

“Chut!” is much more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a sanctuary.


Constance Chambaud, Estelle Muller, Antoine Dehillerin, Claire Brélivet

A lamp for meetings. Place it on the table and Uccello - a red cable, an energy source – becomes the focal point.


Morgane Boulet, Elliot Mouchère, Charlotte Quesnel, Laurila Buratti

Sezam is a functional, compact and easy to use furniture unit for meetings. Made out of 3-ply pine, it fits perfectly into a professional context.


Emilie Béthune, Margot Lenorais, Jocelin Verga, Coline Hercouët

Alau isole phoniquement et créé une sphère intime sans mettre à l’écart.



Bastien Henry - Alexandra Abidji - Anouk Malgrange - Ugo Janisewski - Louise Tesson - Léonard Grigné

Lamp functioning with a foldable photovoltaic film (Armor’s OPV technology) to be used whatever the context and adapted according to people’s needs. Orion has been exhibited at the Milan Design Week in April 2014. Étoile de l’Observeur APCI 2015.



Claire Chuniaud and Aurore Colasson

Exclusive cosmetics brand, aimed at a female clientele, tailored to the specific needs of each customer and distributed in a concept store.



Jérôme Chabot - Jules Leduc - Elliot Mouchère - Thomas Réaubourg

Witness is a factual solution to people who need to remember after a catastrophe. Memorial to what happened previously, it has been exhibited at the Milan Design Week in April 2014.