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// Marie-Alice Lallemand


Unlike industrial cheeses, handmade cheeses have very rich taste and smell. These qualities are the brakes for children to eat them. The challenge was to make children appreciate these local products progressively, by combining them with sugary foods, and adapting their forms and identities.

Candide is a brand of handmade cheeses for children. The concept related to Candide brand is a progressive cheese based on flavor, psychological, physiological and motor development of the child. A range of 3 cheeses is proposed, according to 3 key moments in his development. Thus, the child is familiar with handmade cheese without being rushed. He evolves with the cheese throughout its growth. To do so, the idea here is to combine the cheese with an element that the child prefers naturally: sugar and more specifically fruits. In this way, the child goes through a known food: sugar (here represented by the fruit) to go more easily to the unfamiliar food: raw handmade cheese.

The first cheese is mixed with fruit, the second combined with it without being mixed and the third is left rough but packed with a particular fruit. The child is brought gradually from raw sugar to handmade cheese. Thus, the child grows up with the brand and get loyal to it. Also as part of an educational process, cheeses will be adapted to the season, as well as fruits.


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