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// Antonin Philippe

Buddy encourages responsible behavior and promotes the use of public transport. A driver-less multi-purpose vehicle, Buddy vehicles are guided by user requests via an application. Data collection from users makes it possible to adapt the number of vehicles in service in real time, transform the interior fittings or provide information on environmental impact. The application is also a social network for users.

“Antonin examines the emergence of new responsible behaviours among citizens, and design in public energy policies in urban travel. His investigation into the development of cities and their population and the disparity of travel requirements revealed an overlapping system of inflexible traffic networks and new independent schemes with no legislative framework or infrastructure (bikes, monowheels, etc.) With Buddy, the user becomes citizen-actor of his own transport thanks to an application: it facilitates the journey (booking, planning), it calculates the benefits for your health and for the environment and it creates a community. This prospective project is based on existing technologies and comes up with ways of transforming transport services in cities. The solution acts as an interface between the reality of an extensive existing network and individual travel needs (itineraries, places, trends, etc.)
Despite its prospective nature, the project is technically and economically achievable in the short term.”

Gaël Guilloux, director of Care Design Lab


Antonin Philippe

After a bachelor’s degree in product design, Antonin went on to do the master’s program Health and Social Innovation. He also did a double degree in design management at IEMN-IAE (University of Nantes). Antonin focused his attentions on design techniques in industrial design in the children’s sector during his internship at Nantes-based agency GMX design. He is also involved in setting up a structure to carry out projects ranging from consultancy in industrial design to website design and communication strategy. His inspiration comes from user observation and the evolution of popular culture. His motto is: “You have to be really good to do simple things”.

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