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#china #product design #transcultural design

// Abigail Potié


Breathe is an air purifier that follows, protects and informs you on a daily basis. Although seemingly passive, it lives and breathes just like you.

The project is designed to shed logic on a product all too often frowned upon by consumers. At the heart of each home, it is a genuine source of information built into an object that boasts both form and function.

The product has three (3) purposes: Purification through the use of various filters situated inside to eliminate particles, chemical substances, bacteria and odors; Information through the use of a colored light, which varies in relation to the level of pollution in the air; and Communication through the use of the object’s changing form, which indicates that the purifier is doing its job.

This project was part of an intercultural approach carried out in urban China where the air inside is just as polluted as that outside, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

This is the 2012 Final degree project of Abigail Potié, a post-graduate Design student specializing in Transcultural Design China.

Breathe is one of 15 projects on display at Design(s), l’expo 2012.

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