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#new eating habits

// Lucie Bolzec


Based on the potential of seaweed resources in Brittany and a rapidly developing industry, this project aims to popularize seaweed on our plates, transforming it from a “hidden” dietary supplement to an ingredient in its own right.

The designer has paid close attention to the way seaweed is perceived by the public and the symbols associated with it, while also experimenting and researching new procedures for processing seaweed with the Centre for Research and Promotion of Seaweed in Pleubian (CEVA).

The designer stimulated the imagination of consumers in order to create a magical and positive image of the product. The major factor limiting current consumption of seaweed as an end product is the association of this foodstuff with being an inedible product (“ancestral” fear).

“BIOSPHERE” is a range of soups made from dehydrated seaweed and vegetables. The dried elements are contained in a transparent bubble-pack made of alginate film (polysaccharides extracted from brown algae). This substance is edible and dissolves rapidly in hot water. It is both packaging and food in one.

By pouring hot water over Biosphere you obtain a rehydrated soup, packed with nutritional goodness, with flavours of Brittany, Japan or other local specialities.

This product forms a crossroads between several strong trends in current consumer habits: natural products, technology, and of course the eco-friendly dimension of the packaging.

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