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// Marc-Antoine Russo

The market for interior plants has increased dramatically over the last two years as city-dwellers strive to bring a bit of nature into their habitat and are keen to benefit from the recently vaunted purifying properties of certain so-called air-filtering plants (the air inside being 10 to 100 times more polluted than the air outside).

For some people with a limited knowledge of botany and the management of environmental variations in an apartment, looking after houseplants is a difficult task.

The service offered by Marc-Antoine Russo is aimed at an active population, familiar with information and communication technologies (ICT) and interested in current questions of biodiversity.

This comprehensive service offers its users:

- help in looking after their indoor garden,

- monitoring of their habitat’s atmospheric pollution, thanks to atmospheric sensors which give the air composition,

- a collaborative platform encouraging mutual support and the development of botanical knowledge by using bioelectrical current sensors to collect essential data about the plant (temperature, humidity, luminosity, pH).

All this data is processed on a computer and retranscribed via a mobile platform similar to a smartphone application, both for helping look after an indoor garden and for monitoring the air inside the habitat.

A web platform also ensures this management but also serves as a forum where members can share their botanical knowledge. A kind of eco-friendly home automation.

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