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Better city better taxi

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// Victor Bruzeau

The range of services proposed by the Da Zhong project offers us a radical change in the organization and use of taxis. It was originally studied for the megalopolis of Shanghai but the project could be adapted to any city.

Da Zhong helps optimize the organization of city taxis with a combination of services including taxi-sharing, geolocalization and a clever signalling system.

Combining several services or technologies already used in other contexts, you will soon be able to get around by taxi for less (simply by sharing part of your journey and the cost), plan your regular journeys – all without breaking your journey to change modes of transport.

The top light situated on the taxi roof has been redesigned to indicate the destination and number of places still available. A software package for counting mileage has been developed; it is located near the driver allowing passengers to share the cost.

Onboard navigators for the passengers provide information about the available services. The taxi drivers thus optimize their journeys and considerably improve their efficiency. Also with a view to optimizing the system, multi-modal waiting areas in cities provide information in real time about the best way to travel.

These services coupled with geolocalization systems and social networks give us an idea of the taxi service of the future.

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