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Belinda - Potions d’orties

#events #exhibition #new eating habits

// Noëllie Perrusset

The project presented by Benoît Millet, Director of New Eating Habits Design Lab

Belinda is a mobile facility for promoting the consumption of nettles and its virtues in the form of fruit and vegetables cocktails. The medieval atmosphere used for marketing purposes reflects the history of the plant. The harmful/beneficial ambivalence of the product is used as a strength: the sting is converted into energy, the spell into a magic potion. Belinda introduces a new way of seeing the plant, both in its representation and in its use: as a new form of food.

“A project with a sting in its tail! Beneath the fun and anecdotal exterior is a carefully thought out project that addresses important issues of food and sustainable development. When her project came into being, Noëllie explored a theme dear to the Design Lab: protein transition, an alternative to animal source protein. Noëllie’s reflection led her to look more closely at stinging nettles, a plant consumed in the past in times of food shortage.
Her analysis corresponded to concerns of consumers wanting to eat natural, healthy foods that provide pleasure, taste and energy. […] Despite its many benefits, the nettle is an unpopular plant and the identity of Belinda, the good witch with her potion is totally consistent with that idea. With its comprehensive brand design and global design, including the development of a service and products, every detail of this project has been carefully considered, even the economic aspects - it could be a very promising new business.”

Benoît Millet, director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab


Noëllie Perrusset

Noëllie began her training with a foundation course in applied art (MANAA) and an advanced dipoma (BTS) in Visual Communication at Bellecour Écoles in Lyon. Keen to explore other ways of approaching design, she joined L’École de design’s International Class. After a university exchange program in Mexico where she discovered artisanal printing techniques, she went on to do the New Eating Habits Master’s program which reflected her interest in branding, packaging and her desire to dream up new brands, and a double degree with IEMN-IAE at Nantes University to gain the key skills of design management.
Noëllie’s goal is ultimately to run a studio combining different types of know-how related to graphic design.

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