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// Élise Lecuyer

Elise Lecuyer’s end of studies project is exhibited at Design L’Expo 2017. A project focused on Initiating personal reconstruction in migrants through the appropriation of transitional housing.

The project presented in video

Bayti offers a solution for transitional housing for migrants. It promotes the rebuilding of personal identity using a flexible and adaptable system which lets each person appropriate the space according to their culture. The tool for dialog between refugees and NGOs also makes it possible to collect data in order to have a better understanding of ethnic groups and offers a learning method to transform or develop the habitat. The migrants feel more valued and their resilience process is encouraged.

The European migration crisis combined with the problems of housing migrants have been making headlines for some time. Élise decided to tackle the issue for her final degree project. How can we ensure a worthy welcome, whilst taking into account the very strong economic constraints?

The project’s strength lies in the thorough expertise acquired by Élise during her immersion in the Calais jungle, as well as from the network of stakeholders she managed to get on board to help her carry out the project. Elise wants to do more than just offer emergency shelter: for her, this housing is part of a process of personal reconstruction. Elise has therefore implemented a wide array of design tools to create a system to support the layout design, but also a prefabricated construction method for developing an eco-designed habitat which is easily transformed and flexible, with reasonable production costs. Elise continues to develop her project with her network of players.

Florent Orsoni, Sustainable Cities Design Lab Director

BAYTI has been labelized Observeur du design 2019 and was exhibited in Dubai at the 2018 Global Grad Show during the Dubai Design Week, from November 12th to 17th.


After a year at the university of Strasbourg studying design and applied arts, Elise joined L’École de design on the Interior Design bachelor’s program. She then joined the Mutations of the Built Environment MDes program. Her specific interest in social design led her to take an interest in transitional habitats: emergency living. Her final internship at Encore Heureux in Paris has consolidated her belief in the collaborative notion of environmentally-friendly design. Elise would like to join a social design agency as a spatial designer in order to experiment with and explore the values of design thinking.


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