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// Batia Bertho


Making the disinfection of toys educational and fun for children hospitalised in protected areas

Children undergoing chemotherapy are extremely fragile. At certain stages of treatment, they must be placed in a protected area with stringent and restrictive hygiene measures. The disinfection of objects in contact with them is essential.

The disinfection of toys takes time, damages them, can be expensive and is not feasible in some cases. How can children hospitalised in protected areas feel less isolated by playing a bigger role in the toy disinfection process?

UTO is a disinfection unit in the form of a rocking hedgehog. Before entering the room, the parent or carer places the toy to be disinfected into UTO, before giving the device to the young patient. When the device is rocked from side to side, the dirty toy inside is subjected to UV rays. After five minutes, UTO will unlock itself and the child can take out his/her disinfected toy.

UTO produces light and movement which can distract and entertain children who are confined to their rooms. Disinfecting toys becomes a game and a time that can be shared.

This project is exhibited at Hangar 32 at “Design l’Expo”, from 28th November 2014 to 25th January 2015.

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