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// Aurélien Gilbert


Improving support for drug addicts in risk reduction centres

Structures tailored to addicts are expanding to reduce public order problems and to establish a social link in order to direct this group towards healthcare centres. They offer a space with a clean environment, sterile drug user kits and healthcare information.

Collaboration with field professionals in the sector has identified improvements which are essential for supervised drug use rooms: combining community, friendliness and privacy, promoting body awareness
and encouraging personal involvement and creativity.

The concept, proposed for the transformation of the Drop-in centre for risk reduction amongst drug users of Nantes (Centre d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement à la Réduction des Risques pour les Usagers de Drogues de Nantes), tackles self-esteem and confidence by utilising the senses of smell, touch and sight. Fully compliant with hospital hygiene standards, the space was designed to incorporate soft curves and acoustics which minimise echo and promote a tranquil environment. This makes the space conducive to discussion and self-awareness.

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