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Au fil des repères

#exhibition #mutations of the built environment #postgraduate studies

// Mélanie Simonin

Au fil des repères

The first few days in a childcare centre can give rise to a painful experience of separation for parents and children. Can interior design have an impact on how this separation is experienced?

In this experiment, the project involves setting up rituals to help guide the children through time and space, throughout the day. It gives families a feeling of serenity and confidence when they have to confront separation, by providing points of reference in the furniture and architecture unique to the building.

Each room in the childcare centre “Les Lapins Bleus” in Couëron (near Nantes), located around a central patio, has a single and unique purpose, designed to fulfil the needs of the different crèche activities throughout the day. The child therefore has the same fixed reference points every day which strengthens their emotional security and psychomotor development. The materials and colors used and the changes introduced aim to take into account the existing structure and its various limitations: hygiene, safety, accessibility, etc.

Au fil des repères is one of the 18 projects exhibited at Design(s), l’expo 2013.

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