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#du dessiin #connected objects #degrees/diplomas

// Arnaud Guinard & Manon Soler

Most French people have a personal medicine cabinet in their home. Therefore we had the idea of creating a concept based on two objects: one for the patient and one for the pharmacist.
The patient places an item in the medicine cabinet which makes them aware of their medicine stock in real time. The additional module, called the base, is placed in the pharmacy to enable communication with the patient’s object thanks to two main functions.

- The first function acts as a reader for the patient’s module using a connection. The contents of the patient’s personal medicine cabinet are thus transmitted to the pharmacist’s computer, allowing the pharmacist to do an inventory of the patient’s medication and give them advice based on their symptoms.
- The second function of the pharmacist’s module allows them to record information (product name, expiry date, date of purchase, etc.) on a blank RFID chip stuck to the medicine packet. Once positioned in the patient’s medicine cabinet, AT°M gives you a list of all the medication in your cabinet using a smartphone application.

The first objective of our system is to make taking medication safer by providing information about each drug in the application.
The second objective is to help people manage their personal medicine cabinets more effectively and thus reduce medication waste.

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