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// Christelle Doutey

Artfeelings reconsiders the cultural outreach of museums based on the emotions experienced by visitors when discovering works of art in detail. Visitors are actively involved in the process of discovering works of art through the clever use of a magnifying glass. By moving the magnifying glass around the window anywhere they wish, visitors enrich their experience with more emotions and greater awareness of their feelings. The experience is also enhanced by other related cultural tools.

“Having grown up in an artistic universe, Christelle became interested in the emotions that a work of art can generate. An intense experience in the world of private and public art collections gave her a better idea of the scope of her project. The idea is also to provide a learning tool which is readily accessible to people who are not in the habit of visiting museums. Artfeelings is an adjustable unit which can be moved around the exhibition space allowing visitors to examine every detail of certain selected pieces. A magnifying glass linked to a transparent wall upon which it can move freely, highlights details of pictures whilst preventing direct contact. This allows visitors to look in depth at a painting and to understand particular characteristics of the artist’s technique or certain details which, without such close observation, would remain hidden. By avoiding the pitfalls of interactivity which can create distance between the spectator and the work of art, it makes it possible to enter a new dimension thereby increasing the quality of the experience. The project has caught the attention of the chief curator of the Louvre who appreciates the innovative nature of the proposal […]It provides a new way of understanding a work of art without letting people touch it and therefore preserving it. It is therefore a major advantage in the context of lectures and guided tours.”

Jean-Yves Chevalier, Course Leader - Design and Innovation Management apprenticeship program


Christelle Doutey

After completing a 2-year advanced diploma in Product Design and a work-linked degree in Design, Materials and Modelling and product design (D2M), Christelle went on to do a master’s in Design and Innovation Management with apprenticeship at L’École de design. She joined Veuve Clicquot in Paris as an international assistant designer where she got a good grounding in global design. When she completed her studies, Christelle chose to work freelance in order to pursue her in depth research on emotions, while continuing to work for Veuve Clicquot. She hopes to incorporate this new emotional dimension into all her future design projects.

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