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// Octavio Castillo

Octavio imagined salty delicacies to share as an aperitif.

Fish bones, considered as waste in France, are nevertheless very rich in nutritional value.

Fish waste discarded each year could be a source of food for billions of people.

Octavio’s project changes mentalities to fight against food wastage

Apérêtes is a sustainable food product that blends into the socio-economic context of the French culture.

In France, 87% of the fish purchased is canned or has been smoked and/or freshly cut. Every year, approximately 215,000 tons of fish waste result, adding to the problems of overfishing, climate change and ocean pollution. However, discarded fish parts contain valuable nutritional properties: bones, for example, are rich in calcium, protein and Omega 3. They are perfectly edible when cooked over a high heat, once separated from the more delicate flesh.

Apérêtes is a tasty and healthy aperitif snack made from mackerel bones. In the form of breadsticks, they are deliciously crunchy and can be enjoyed in good company with your aperitif!

" Fish bones are a new form of seafood. To illustrate this fact, Octavio has designed a sustainable food product that is compatible with the socio-economic context of French culture. Indeed, although they are rich in nutritional value, fish bones are considered as waste in France. Octavio therefore thought of this product as an "appetizer" rather than a meal. He designed savory delicacies to be shared in a relaxed setting with friends or family. The designer’s observation was that, all over the globe, oceans are suffering from overfishing and pollution. Yet they are a major food source for billions of people. Octavio therefore initiated this project based on a research methodology that relies on a critical overview, media materials and interviews. He was thus able to capture the stigma associated with eating fish bones. To those of you reading this, you now know that this is the way fish bones will be eaten! Welcome to the future. "

Dr Dolly Daou, Food Design Lab Director

This project is selected as part of Design L’Expo 2020 and will be exhibited at La Cale 2 Créateurs.


End of studies internship, Designer, Creation Department, New Product Development, Livlab Studio, Paris, France

2018 - 2020
Brand Design and Food MDes, Food Design Lab, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

Packaging & Brand Designer, Imagine Brand Strategy, Andrea Rinaldi Asociados, Caracas, Venezuela

2010 - 2011
Graphic Designer, VGDG Diseno Grafico, Caracas, Venezuela

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