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// Lorie Péron

The project in video

Video: AlloFUN by Simon Boussard, Care programs Course Leader

Allofun is an “edutainment” kit distributed to allophone students in schools to help them learn the French language and facilitate their integration in France. It contributes to their education, helps them adapt to their new environment and teaches them to interact in society while at the same time letting them express their own culture and personality. With this tool, learning becomes fun and children become ambassadors of their own education.

Lorie’s project takes the opportunity to give substance to the principle of equal opportunities and equal rights, a universal principle and fundamental component of school in France […] In spite of an extremely complex global subject involving a great deal of important parameters, Lorie managed to bring together educational stakeholders to work on teaching young schoolchildren the key social and cultural codes of their new country, France.

Using the functions and uses of the tool, Lorie also managed to implement the development of the child’s role to that of ambassador of her own education. […] She also expertly integrated everything she learnt from her studies in business administration. The project was created and integrated in an ecosystem of stakeholders, ensuring the transformation of her invention into an innovation through its introduction to the market. By creating the association “Pupils of the world” before she graduated, Lorie put together a team and activated the economic levers tailored to her target and her particular cause. […] She successfully demonstrated that design can reveal appropriate design and management tools for attaining social ideals while at the same time proposing a realistic project.

Gaël Guilloux, Care Design Lab Director

Simon Boussard, Care Design Lab Course Leader


Before joining the International Class of L’École de design majoring in Industrial Products, Lorie spent two years at the university of Nîmes doing an Applied Arts degree. She then joined the Sustainable Innovation program and chose to do a double degree at Nantes IAE.

After writing her dissertation on educating child asylum seekers, Lorie spent six months as a designer at Strawbees, designers of educational games in Gothenburg in Sweden. Lorie is trying to grow her association “Pupils of the World” which was the fruit of her final degree project, whilst working at the same time in a company associated with social issues and education.

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