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#exhibition #product design #undergraduate studies

// Emilie Béthune, Margot Lenorais, Jocelin Verga, Coline Hercouët

Discover the video of "Alau"

The personal assistant. Alau lets you phone comfortably and conveniently in your own home.
Whether it’s for an unexpected or planned phone call, it affords you privacy and comfort.
You no longer need to go into another room to answer the telephone – it blocks out noise and creates a private zone without having to isolate yourself.
Alau is a mobile which blends into your home and creates an intimate place for private conversations. The object adapts to fit the user’s head and the sitting position can also be adjusted thanks to a jack system. It is equipped with loud-speakers, a Bluetooth connection and a docking station for a digital tablet especially for videoconferencing.


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